5.12 Related parties

In accordance with IAS 24, related parties for the reporting financial year included:

  1. The Board of Directors
  2. Members of Züblin Group Management
  3. Lamesa Holding SA, Panama

Shareholdings by related parties as of 31 March 2023

Shareholdings by the Board of Directors and the Group Management are disclosed in detail in note 5.14.

Transactions with related parties and significant shareholders

Unpaid Dividend to shareholder

As of 31 March 2023 the Züblin Group has open payables to Lamesa Holding SA resulting from unpaid dividends in the amount of kCHF 6 909 (previous year: kCHF 5 527). Further details are disclosed in note 5.6. The payable shown in the balance sheet line “Liabilities to Participants” does not bare any interest.

There were no other transactions with related parties or significant shareholders in financial year 2022/23. Nor were any advisory fees paid to related parties or significant shareholders over and above the remuneration disclosed in note 5.13. The Board of Directors and Group Management continually monitor potential conflicts of interest.

Loans to members of governing bodies

No loans have been granted to members of the Board of Directors or the Züblin Group Management.