Published by Züblin Immobilien Holding AG
Concept/Design/Implementation defacto > ci gmbh corporate identity und communications design, Zurich
Production NeidhartSchön AG, Zurich
Programming mms solutions AG, Zurich
Publishingsystem by mms solutions AG, Zurich
Portraits/Other Visuals Thomas Zwyssig Photographer, Zurich / Getty Images / Geopro Suisse AG
Visuals geoPro Suisse AG René Dürr, Architekturfotografie, Zürich - © geoPro Suisse AG, Baden

Cover Semi-Annual Report 2022/23: Office Building Rütistrasse 3, Baden/Switzerland / Tenenant fit-out geoPro Suisse AG

Züblin Annual and Semi-Annual Reports are published in a user-friendly format on the companyʼs website. As a result, and for environmental reasons, the company no longer prints these reports. This copy has been printed internally.

Annual and Semi-Annual Reports are published in German and English. Legally binding is the German version.