Proposal of the Board of Directors for the appropriation of retained losses and proposal of the DISTRIBUTION FROM statutory capital reserves

in CHF






Retained loss



Brought forward from previous year


–107 878 924.90

Earnings from financial year


–742 814.00

Retained loss available to AGM


–108 621 738.90







Carry forward to the next period


–108 621 738.90

The Board of Directors proposes to carry forward retained loss to the next period and to distribute CHF 1.00 per registered share (Namenaktie) from capital reserves. This corresponds to a payout yield of 3.6% based on the share price on the balance sheet date. This changes the composition of the statutory capital reserve as follows:

in CHF






Statutory capital reserves at the beginning of the financial year


163 922 045.18

Distribution to the shareholders


–3 318 027.00

Statutory capital reserves at the end of the financial year


160 604 018.18