changes since the balance sheet date

After the balance sheet date, there was a significant change in the shareholder structure. On 16 May 2020, a disclosure notice was issued which can be viewed in full on the reporting and publication platform of the SIX Swiss Exchange ( According to this notification, Züblin is aware of the following list of shareholders who exceed a disclosure threshold at the editorial deadline:

Significant shareholders (shareholding interest >3%)

Direct / indirect shareholder



Disclosure according to FinFraG









Lamesa Holding SA, Panama (Viktor Vekselberg 1 )



41.65% am 27.09.2018

Group of shareholders: Ketom AG, Zug (Norbert Ketterer 1 ); Wiederkehr Associates AG 1 , Zurich; Dr. Hans-Rudolf and Ursula Schärli 1, 2



10.21% am 16.5.2020

Special Themes SCC Ltd., Valetta, Malta 3 ; Wiederkehr Associates Funds ("WAF") SICAF-SIF, Luxembourg, Luxembourg 4 (PMG Fonds Management AG, Zürich 1 )



3.86% am 31.3.2020

1 Person with beneficial ownership / authorised to exercise voting rights.

2 Wiederkehr Associates AG represents an organized group of shareholders regarding the agreement to exercise voting rights in the sense of article 120 f. according to the Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FinfraG) - consisting of the beneficial owners or persons authorised to exercise voting rights - Norbert Ketterer, Wiederkehr Associates AG and Hans-Rudolf and Ursula Schärli. It holds 10.21 % of the total voting rights, of which 4.00 % were transferred by a third party for the purpose of exercising voting rights at their own discretion. (notifications from 31 March 2020 and 16 May 2020 due to changes in the composition of the shareholder group).

3 100% owned by PMG Fonds Management AG

4 Asset Manager: PMG Fonds Management AG